This is our home
At Roscoe's Ranch, your puppy is a guest at our home. We will treat your dog the same way we treated Roscoe.
Flat Rate Pricing
There are some dog kennels that are priced lower than Roscoe's Ranch, and some kennels are priced much higher. Don't be fooled! You might find a cheaper alternative but most of those kennels charge extra for play time, walks, food and medications. At Roscoe's Ranch, you pay one flat rate which includes all of your dog's needs.
Personalized service
We are not a puppy factory! We only have 20 dog kennels and 4 luxury cottages unlike some of our competitors who have 40-120 kennels. We kept our boarding facility small because we want to provide personalized service for your dog.
A Clean Environment

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our kennels and our entire boarding facility. Our kennels are cleaned out every day. When "accidents" happen in the kennels, or on our grounds, it is cleaned up immediately. We use the same disinfecting products that are used by veterinarians and hospitals to prevent the spread of all kinds of contagious diseases. Each kennel is thoroughly sanitized after a dog checks out and before a new guest arrives.

We also have some of the strictest health requirements of all the Seattle dog kennel/boarding facilities. We do everything in our power to make sure that diseases do not enter our kennel environment. Aside from our business, this is also our home. We have a vested interest in making sure that dog guests do not contaminate our home, our own dogs, or our family.
Big dog? Small dog? Anti-social dog? We've got you covered.

A lot of smaller dogs don't like to play with big dogs. We've got you covered. Roscoe's Ranch has two separate off-leash play areas - a small dog area and a big dog area. This way every dog can have a pleasant experience.

In a typical situation, the off-leash area will not have more than 6 dogs at any given time. In most cases, it will be a lot lower.

Play areas are only for socialized dogs, if your puppy is aggressive toward others or does not wish to play in a group, he or she can use the off leash area alone or can go on leashed walks through our trails.
No Dog Fights

Unlike our off-leash competitors, we don't take your dog, throw them into an area with 40 other dogs and then leave them unsupervised (or lightly supervised). Dog owners know that some dogs don't get along. It's natural.

You don't have to worry about dog fights at Roscoe's Ranch. We pair up our guests with other guests who are compatible. If we see that two dogs don't like each other, then they will be separated and can play in separate pens or at separate times.

Also, if you don't want your dog to be off-leash at all during their stay at Roscoe's Ranch, that is fine too. We will gladly give your dog exercise by hiking on trails while on-leash. We can play Frisbee or fetch without other dogs around.
No Late Check-Out Charges
Another common practice our competitors use is to charge extra depending on when your puppy is picked up and dropped off. Often charging an extra day if you pick up late. At Roscoe's Ranch we will never charge you extra for a late pick-up. We charge for each overnight stay. If your dog gets picked up on Tuesday at 8:00 AM or at 6:00 PM, it's the same price.
Donations to PAWS
When you stay at Roscoe's Ranch, a portion of every dollar you spend is going to be donated to help charities in our community.

The dog boarding/kennel facility at Roscoe's Ranch is in a new barn. Each dog has an 8' x 5' indoor kennel run which is attached to an 8' by 5' external kennel run by a doggie door. That's 80 square feet of kennel space for each puppy! Every kennel is outfitted with a raised dog bed.

We also just launched 4 new luxury cottages. They are each 100 square feet of indoor space plus 220 square feet of fenced outdoor space. Each cottage is equipped with its own heater and stereo system.


We are committed to security. Our property is surrounded by a 6 foot high solid cedar fence, and our off leash areas are enclosed by a fence within another fence. So even if your little Houdini were able to escape the kennel or the off leash area, he or she is still safely enclosed by our 6 foot fences. At night your dog will be indoors and the doggie doors will be closed.

Both the kennels and the cottages are hooked up to our ADT security system, including smoke detectors.