Current Promotions:
Refer-A-Dog Program: Refer another dog and receive one free night stay during your next visit with us. Make sure your referral mentions you on their Paperwork.

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$50 a night
Additional dogs in the same kennel are $20

Luxury Cottage Pricing:

$65 a night
$20 extra for each additional dog sharing a cottage.

Annual Kennel/Cottage Subscriptions

We are pleased to offer annual subscriptions so that your dog will have a kennel or cottage 365 days a year. This is obviously a pricey option but if availability is a concern for you, a subscription eliminates any scheduling conflicts for last minute travel. Annual subscriptions will include complimentary pick up/drop off service. Please contact us for pricing if you are interested.

What's Included:
The best personalized TLC service you will find anywhere!
2 meals a day (3 if that is what you do at home). Most dogs like a mix of their normal food with "Rena's Home Cooked" food. We find there are less gastrointestinal issues when we mix the food. Rena's dog food uses white rice, chicken/turkey and a mix of vegetables. If you would prefer them to eat their own food, that is fine as well.
An 80 square foot private kennel with outdoor run during daytime hours. Our new luxury cottages are 320 sq feet each and they include their own fenced in outdoor area.
All the filtered water they can drink.
3 sessions per day outside the kennel (15 min walk on-leash + two 20 min off-leash playtimes). Activities include off-leash playing with furry friends, hiking on trails through the woods, Frisbees, fetch, rubs, pats, belly scratches, all included.
Administering any medications if needed.
Heated dog beds upon request (if your dog destroys the bed, there will be a $40 charge).
Bath before check out with organic soap. Nail trim if it's needed and your dog lets us.
Peace of mind knowing that your dog is being treated exactly like we treated Roscoe and the way we now treat Miss Chloe and Lady Mishka.


Additional Playtime
Some of our more active clients have asked for the option to have more playtimes. You can now purchase one additional 20 minute playtime per dog, per day for a cost of $10 per family (includes all dogs). Additional playtimes are not available on arrival and departure days.


Competitor's Pricing

The Roscoe’s Ranch experience is a unique concept in the greater Seattle market. Both in terms of the personalized service your dog will receive, as well as our flat rate pricing structure. To help you compare “apples to apples” we went through the websites of our local competitors and put together a pricing comparison chart.

We calculated the cost for overnight boarding + a bath for a 60 lb dog (when it’s offered) + at least 1 hour of playtime per day (either on or off-leash) for each competitor.

Additionally, our chart does not take into account:
- That most competitors will charge you an extra night if you don’t pick your dog up by a certain time (Roscoe’s does not)
- Extra medication charges you will incur (not at Roscoe’s)
- The fact that we can house dogs who need to go out alone during playtime
- The intangibles of our small, home based environment versus huge noisy facilities that add to your dog’s stress level
- We cater to special needs/elderly dogs who need a little more TLC and monitoring
- We don’t breed discriminate


Kennel Description Cost 7 nights Difference Additonal Holiday Surcharge
Roscoe's Ranch 20 kennels and 4 luxury cottages, flat rate pricing, no extra charges, small consistent staff, personalized service, hands on owner involvement, can handle special needs and antisocial dogs, cleanest kennel in the area, strict health requirements for all guests  $350 NA NA
Woodinville Area Competitor #1 180+ kennels, large part time staff, services cost extra, late checkout charges, extra charge for medications $374 $24 NA
Woodinville Area Competitor #2 200+ kennels, large part time staff, service costs extra, extra charge for medications, late checkout charges $436 $86 NA
Bothell Area Off-Leash Day Care/Boarding #1 40+ dogs off-leash, lightly supervised, no nail trims, dogs sleep in open group setting, late checkout charges, no information on medication charges $374 $24 $10 per dog per day
Bothell Off-Leash Day Care/Boarding #2 60+ dogs off-leash, lightly supervised, late checkout charges, dogs sleep in open group setting $345 ($5) $5 per dog per day
Downtown Seattle Competitor #1 Day Care/Boarding 60+ dogs, services cost extra, late check out charges, extra charge for medications, mostly indoor, tiny kennels $441 $91 $5 per dog per day
Downtown Seattle Competitor #2 Day Care/Boarding 60+ dogs off-leash, large staff, multiple locations, very corporate, late checkout charges, all indoor, no information on medication charges $441 $91 $20 per dog per day


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