In case you need further proof of how wonderfully awesome Guy, Rena, Roscoe and the entire Roscoe’s Ranch family is, let me share our most treasured experience…

On April 25th, 2007, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia and rushed into a hospital within hours of diagnosis. My fiancé (girlfriend at the time) went through a whirlwind of coping, dealing and planning out how to take care of me while in the hospital for the next month and at the same time taking care of herself and our 1 year old Portuguese Water Dog, Tucker (or Tuck Tuck, as he’s known on The Ranch). After getting me situated in a hospital room in the cancer ward, her first thought was of Tucker. She called Guy sobbing hysterically, not more then an hour after she heard the diagnosis, frantic about how and who would take care of Tucker because she just couldn’t handle him while dealing with what was in front of her. Without skipping a step, Guy told her to just take him to the vet. He’d call ahead and tell them what needed to be done. And then she should just bring him right to The Ranch. Which she did, crying the entire way, tears still rolling down her cheeks when she arrived to drop him off. Without knowing how long he would be there or when we’d be able to pick him up, The Ranch happily took him off our hands so that, in what was one of the most stressful and upsetting times in our lives, we had one less thing to worry about; our little boy was well taken care of for as long as we needed.

I can’t tell you how valuable, important and miraculous it was that we had found a place as unbelievably fantastic as The Ranch just a few months before. Guy, Rena, Roscoe and the whole staff have always been, and will always remain, at the top of our list of those people without whom we could not have gotten through that difficult time in our lives.

Keith, Laura and Tucker

I really appreciate that I can actually relax on vacation - knowing that, despite their special needs as abuse victims, they are happy and well cared for. In the 10 years I've had them, this is the only boarding or sitting service I've felt this comfortable with. The dogs actually cry as they're leaving the ranch!

Sincerely, Heather, Adam, Brutus and Cleo

Roscoe's Ranch is AMAZING! Guy, Rena, Janine, all the Staff and the accommodations make Roscoe's one of the best, if not the Best, Boarding Facility in the Seattle area. My dog Shay was a "regular" at Roscoe's for the last 3 years. Roscoe's was Shay's first boarding experience, which happened to be a 3 week stay during our vacation to Australia. He loved it! And more importantly they loved him! I was so worried, but my fears vanished when I received updates via email and even photos of Shay having a great time. After that trip, I was no longer worried. Shay would stay occasionally on weekends or other vacations. I trusted the Roscoe's team entirely. I still received emails and pictures and they were so excited to hear Shay was coming over for a night or two. My husband and I decided to return to Australia permanently and we were going to need some help preparing Shay for the trip. It was a long and stressful process, but eventually I turned to Guy and Rena for help. I boarded Shay with them for three months while I was in Australia preparing Shay's import. They were so helpful and wonderful with Shay. They talked with me via email and the phone making preparations for vet appointments, transportation, food and other issues. Shay was treated like one of their very own pets, joined the family on a few occasions, went on a couple car rides to the vet for vaccinations, had visitors over to play. I know Shay felt safe and loved by everyone there. The service that Guy and Rena provide is more than a Boarding facility. They truly consider each dog and each owner's needs. The kennels are clean, quiet (no habitual barkers allowed), and the food is delicious! I will miss them, and I know Shay will, too.

Julie Kirch
Bribane Australia

To all the fabulous people at Roscoe's Ranch!

Thank you for being such a wonderful place for my dog, Sophie. She is a sensitive dog and I am a cautious owner... and you guys are FABULOUS! I truly couldn't ask for more in a vacation spot for my dog. It is clear to me how competent and comfortable you are with the unique personalities (and dysfunctions) of each dog. After 11 days with you, Sophie was happy to see me, but it was obvious how much care and attention she got while I was away. I know that both Sophie and I will look forward to her next visit!
I would enthusiastically recommend you to any dog owner... in fact, I already have!

Warm regards,

Guy, Little Guy, and Friends at Roscoe's,

We know that Rhoady, our Westie has a great life at home and is a very happy, well exercised and loved dog. That being said, we just mention the word Roscoe's and his head snaps up as he races to the garage door. Once in the car and on the freeway he whines and whimpers until we reach the Ranch. Out of the car, he races into the barn to see what bunk he gets and what new and old friends are there for play time. He hardly gives us a backward glance as he settles into his home away from home. We never have to worry, and we always return to a very clean (sometimes 2 baths are necessary), and well cared for dog. Thanks so much for making it so easy to leave him at such a great vacation camp for dogs!

Tom and Debbie Cleveland

Dear Guy and Rena,

This has got to stop! Somehow, our two border collie girls Mia and Madeline are going on the computer and making reservations for trips for us to go on just so that they can go to their favorite place of all, Roscoe's Ranch. We know that Rena's special home cooked meals for the pups are scrumptiously gourmet; the loving care and attention from the kennel gals beyond indulgent; the safe and frequent exercise outings and social get togethers lavishly given; but when Mia and Madeline are filling out change of address labels for their mail to be received at Roscoe's Ranch, we know that they are smitten with all at Roscoe's. They love you and we love you for your care, kindness and canine expertise. Continuing thanks. We are indebted to you for the personal attention which we know you give to all of your four legged guests.

Peter and Prue

Dear Guy, Rena, and everyone at the Ranch

I am very pleased with the warm, caring environment you have at the Ranch, and we all greatly appreciate the care you give to Peanut and Hucky while they stay with you. Both of them are always excited as we pull up to your main gate, and they are ready to head into the ranch for their exciting stay. Since they are part of our family we are extremely careful about where they stay when we are out of town, and for us the service and care you provide exceeds everything we could ask for. It is a great comfort to know that they will be having more fun with you than they get at our house on a regular week.

We are extremely happy for your kindness over the years, and I know both of them are looking forward to their next stay.

Mike and Family and especially Peanut and Hucky.

Dear Guy and Rena,

Thanks for all you do in taking care of little princess Keiki, aka Keiker. Sandra and I have been very reluctant to take vacations or travel even for short periods because it meant boarding Keiki at the vet or at one of the non-descript boarding kennels in the area. We are so glad we found Roscoe and the ranch. Keiki loves to go to the ranch for many reasons, including but not limited to, very large boarding areas (inside and out), heated raised beds, lots of supervised exercise, good company, lots of love, and wonderful food and treats. We love our little Keiker and we vow not to use any other boarding facility except Roscoe's Ranch. She has been a guest over ten times for various lengths of stay and she loves every minute of her stays with Roscoe. How do we know? She tells us of course. If there is a rating scale like there is for hotels and resorts, Roscoe's Ranch would be a 5-Diamond Resort. Thanks and we look forward to our next visit.

Regards, Sandra & Phil and & Keiki Nudelman

Dear Guy, Rena and RR Staff,

Over the years, no matter if we are in the states or ½ ways around the world I know I can rest easier knowing Charlie is safe at Roscoe’s Ranch. Thank you so very much for the love and care you share with him. We don’t have human children, so Charlie is as close as it gets. We want to thank you for all you do, you are very special people, and we consider you family. We, your clients are blessed to be able to leave our “children” with people who are as gifted with animals as you all are. Sometimes, I think Charlie wants to stay at “camp” instead of coming home

Staci & Tim Henry

Dear Guy and Rena,

We realize that our two gigantic labs, Wrigley and Morris, can be a handful at times. We can certainly relate to the tales that we have often heard upon picking them up...."They saw the cat and just darted away and there I was face first in the mud"...or "As soon as they saw that squirrel, it was all over." Despite this, everyone there is sincerely excited to see the "Twins" when we drop them off. The pictures that you have taken of them smiling and playing in the yard show how much fun they have when they stay with you. Erin and I would like to sincerely thank you for making us feel that our dogs are part of your home. It is because of your care for and relationship with the dogs that we never worry about their well-being when we are away.

Thank you for all that you do,
Mike & Erin Robertson

We love you guys!:
Dear Roscoe's Ranch,
We cannot imagine letting anyone else care for our first "babies." Your facility is impeccable and your staff professional and caring. Our labs have very different needs and personalities and both dogs are brilliantly catered to and loved with equal devotion. Your ranch is absolutely worth the drive north!

Love, Rachael, Mark, Scout & Nala

Dear Guy & Rena,
We wanted to take the time to congratulate you on your new business. You guys were born to do this! Thank you ever so much for treating our dogs like one of your kids. When they're staying with you we know that we never have to worry about them and that they are being given the greatest love and attention as they would at our home-and that's a high standard! I especially thank you for taking such incredible care of our blind dog Carmen. You knew it would be scary for her to be in a new place but you guided her around and gave her extra attention. This means a lot to us.

Best of luck!
Hanouf and Russ

From Alison and John:
My vacation was extra enjoyable knowing that CocoBear was having fun, eating well and getting lots of love.

From CocoBear:
From day one I felt like I was part of the Palumbo family. Roscoe was even kind of enough to share his bed with me. And, I miss Rena's cooking already.

Guy and Rena,
Thanks so much for taking such great care of our dog, Jasper. Jasper is a very social dog and really enjoys the company of other dogs and humans, so we hate to leave him in a place where he'll be locked in a cage all day. With all of the off-leash activities and playing with other dogs, I'm sure Jasper is looking forward to his next vacation at Roscoe's Ranch! And while it's important to me that Jasper is happy, it's also important to know that he's in good hands. It's obvious that you care a lot about your guests. Thanks for providing Jasper with home-cooked meals and treats, for bathing and brushing him, and for cleaning his bed for him when he got it dirty.

Regards, Virginia and Eric

Dear Guy and Rena,
The Klingert family just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our sheltie Shannon. You have such an incredible place. It is a dog owner's dream boarding facility. The kids loved the fact that they could bring Shannon in to check out her new bed and help her get acclimated to her new environment. Her bed was even pre-heated for her arrival. I loved that part. The ranch is just beautiful with a great fenced in area for the dogs to run around. Shannon just loved the fact that you brushed her. Her coat was so soft and shinny when we came to pick her up. You guys did a great job of taking care of her. She really misses Rena's home made treats.

Thanks again, Teri and Jack

We wanted to thank you for taking such awesome care of Meatball. You were so wonderful with her and although we were a continent away - we never felt more comfortable leaving Meatball with you. Thank you for all the wonderful email pictures and notes you sent. Although we found you last minute - we were SO GLAD we did - out of all the places this was by far the best choice. You have a lifetime boarder whenever we go out of town. Thanks again - we definitely recommend Roscoes Ranch!!!!!

Nicole & David

Guy and Rena,
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Spenser while we were away. It was so nice to get your e-mails keeping us updated on how he was doing and how much fun he was having! You went above and beyond with the extra care, love, and play time; and I don't know who enjoyed the Christmas present more -- Spenser or us (seeing the pictures made our day)! But the best gift of all was peace of mind, knowing that he was happy, safe, and well-cared-for. We can't thank you enough. And it is a huge relief knowing we no longer have to stress out about who will watch our little cowboy when we leave town. You, Rena, and Roscoe are the best. Thank you again.

All our best, Dawn, Bill, and Spenser

Stirling is as picky as they come in relation to where he will stay without his Mum and Dad. However, he came home from his stay at Roscoe's in much the same happy state as a kid who has spent the weekend at Disney World. He was clean, well-fed, well-exercised and had obviously been exceptionally well taken care of when we picked him up. I am sure his forays into the hiking trails and various other parts of the "Ranch" have given him lots of good doggy-dreams. Whenever possible Roscoe's is the only place we will leave him from now on.

Thanks, Chad, Erin and Stirling Stanley

If Ama could talk, I know she would have so many exuberant stories to tell about being at Roscoe's Ranch for 2 glorious weeks -- the friends she made (Meatball & Roscoe), Rena's home cooked food and all of that much needed excercise. You treated her like she deserves -- with plenty of love and pesonal attention. It was obvious that Rena and Ama had made a connection when we picked her up. Roscoe's Ranch is a refreshing place for us. Knowing that you both care so deeply about dogs and will go the extra mile for their special needs is very uncommon. Your thoughtfulness toward details won't go unnoticed -- it's what will distinguish you from your competitors! You both have a natural knack for taking care of dogs and we couldn't be happier that we have you near by!

Thanks so much!!
Deming, Michelle, Sabine & Ama
(Ama wants to know if Roscoe can come out and play?)

Dear Guy and Rena,
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Kyndig. It was our first time leaving Kyndig and we felt very comfortable leaving him in your capable hands. We really appreciated receiving email updates on Kyndig while we were on our trip. Also, you knew he was missing us and spent extra time making him feel at home. You really go the extra mile! Kyndig really bonded with Guy and has been moping around since we brought him home. He also misses Rena's Home Cooked meals (he has not eaten much of his kibble since returning home) and all the play time with his new friend, Meatball. We will definitely bring Kyndig back again!

Best of luck to you and your new business!
Joel and Donna