In May of 2009 we surveyed our customers and 69% of you wanted us to expand our capacity. At the same time, nobody wanted us to become so big that we lose our intimate environment. We decided to expand our capacity by 20% by adding 4 new cottages which launched on December 18th.

Our normal kennels are already big by Seattle standards but the cottages are HUGE! The kennels in the barn are a total of 80 square feet (40 inside, 40 outside). Each of the cottages is 320 square feet (100 inside, 220 outside). That’s a 300% increase in the personal space for your dog.

Each cottage has its own skylight, doggy door, stereo system, 1000 watt heater, smoke alarm and security alarm. Additionally, we buried the outdoor chain link fencing by at least 1 foot around the entire perimeter for our furry friends who like to dig. At the moment, the outdoor areas are not covered so the cottages are not appropriate for any dogs who have a proven ability to scale a 6 foot high fence.

The main advantages of the cottages versus our regular kennels are:
Space space and more space
Even lower stress than in the barn. We pride ourselves on the peace and tranquility of the barn but the cottages are even better. The nearest dog is 10 feet away and they don’t share a common wall. In the short time they have been open we have noticed that even high strung dogs have been totally at peace while staying in the cottages.
For multiple dog families, the pups can romp around and play in their own little fenced in backyard area.
No chance of contracting airborne viruses like kennel cough unless you choose to socialize your pup. Kennel cough has never been a problem at Roscoe’s Ranch but the physical environment of the cottages makes it even that much more unlikely.


We hope you like them!

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