We moved to Seattle from the northeast in 1999. Our lives began down the path that ultimately led to Roscoe's Ranch after we adopted our first dog, Roscoe. You can learn more about his pathetic little past in Roscoe's Story . His adoption was one of the most fulfilling things we have done in our lives and it changed us forever. It also opened our eyes to a wonderful organization called PAWS (www.paws.org ).

After toiling in the corporate world for a decade, it became clear that we wanted to do something more spiritually fulfilling. We wanted to work on something that we were passionate about. Having used several of our competitors over the years for Roscoe, we realized that the Seattle dog boarding market was under-served. We believed that we could provide a better dog boarding service and at the same time help other disadvantaged puppies out there. Hence, Roscoe's Ranch. A portion of every dollar you spend at Roscoe's Ranch will be donated to PAWS. Not only are you getting the best possible service in the Seattle area for your dog, you are also helping other pound puppies out there.

We are looking forward to building relationships will all of you and your dogs. We know they are part of your family and they will be treated as though they are a part of ours. Trust us when we say your dog will get more TLC at Roscoe's Ranch than any other facility.

We look forward to seeing you soon!